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Save up to 20% with series tickets to the Peterborough Singers 2016-17 season

Music lovers looking to save shouldn’t wait before reserving their tickets for the Peterborough Singers’ packed 2016-17 season. Kicking off the season with reliable crowd-pleasers, including Yuletide Cheer and the annual performance of Handel’s Messiah, the Singers will then warm up the February chill with Canadian Women of Song, a one-of-a-kind choral tribute to great female Canadian singer-songwriters, before drawing the curtain in May with the brooding power of Mozart’s Requiem.

“There is no great secret to how we design our concert seasons,” said Peterborough Singers Artistic Director Syd Birrell. “We simply look for the greatest music that’s ever been written – in many cases the music that has inspired us and been the soundtrack to our own lives – and perform that. Our goal is to inspire and delight, and this year is no different.”

Right now, choral music aficionados can save up to 20% off regular ticket prices, as well as secure reserved seating at concerts, by locking in and purchasing series tickets of two, three, or all four concerts.

Fans of the Peterborough Singers interested in something “completely different,” as Monty Python famously said, also won’t want to miss the Singers’ now-traditional seasonal kick-off concert – the affordable, informal, and thoroughly loveable “Unconcert.” For a mere $10 at the door, attendees at the October 17 show will be treated to a Singers “talent show,” as members of the choir take to the stage to showcase their various musical and dramatic talents in a delightful potpourri of acts of their own choosing.

As the weather turns cold and bitter, the Singers will bring some warmth to Peterborough on November 26 at the Yuletide Cheer concert. Over the past 25 years, the Singers have perfected their festive recipe, expertly blending together soul-stirring arrangements of the great seasonal classics, crowd-pleasing sing-along carols, and virtuosic performances by great brass ensembles. Bring your family and friends, sing along to the music, find inspiration in the very talented Venabrass Quintet, and immerse yourself in the holiday spirit.

Handel’s Messiah needs no introduction. As always, the Singers will import a lineup of some of the top established and up-and-coming solo talent – including countertenor Daniel Taylor, one of the most sought-after countertenors in the world – who will join the 100+ voices of the choir for the December 19 performance. Taylor will also return in the spring to perform Mozart’s Requiem with the Singers. Those wishing to experience the Messiah should get their tickets soon for the one-night-only performance of this beloved oratorio.

Then, on February 25, the Peterborough Singers are proud to present Canadian Women of Song, a one-time-only show featuring the music of groundbreaking Anne Murray (the first Canadian female soloist to reach number one on the U.S. charts), Serena Ryder, Sylvia Tyson, Shania Twain, k.d. lang, and many more exceptional Canadian women artists. A great line-up of local talent is sure to get feet tapping and hands clapping, all under the auspices of conductor Pam Birrell and the ever-popular MC Linda Kash.

“The Canadian Women of Song show was a no-brainer,” says Artistic Director Birrell. “There must be something in the Canadian water that a country with a relatively small population has been able to produce such a constant stream of great female musical artists, some of the greatest in the world. The only challenge in putting this show together was in sifting through the massive catalogue and choosing what songs to actually perform. The result is, I think, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.”

The season wraps up on May 6 with what some would argue is Mozart’s greatest, and most impassioned work – the crowning achievement of a too-brief life of intense creativity – the tortured, but brilliant Requiem. A nod to the range and depth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, this concert from the Peterborough Singers will also present a selection of well-known Mozart arias.

Save now by purchasing series tickets of two or more concerts through our website or by calling 705-745-1820.