“Virtual” Yuletide Cheer Coming December 6

There’s a great comfort (and joy!) to traditions associated with the holidays. For the Peterborough Singers, part of that tradition is the annual Yuletide Cheer concert. It goes without saying that this year’s concert will be different — notably, it will be a virtual event, debuting on YouTube on Sunday, December 6, 3 p.m. eastern standard time. Join us “live” at this YouTube link.

But this year’s virtual event is also a celebration of Yuletide Cheer concerts of old.

Highlights from past editions will be presented by Syd Birrell from Emmanuel United Church. They’ll include Ian Sadler at the organ, and brass ensemble Venabrass with their virtuosic arrangements. World-renowned soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian kindly gave permission to share her performance with the choir of “Ave Maria,” and you’ll see opera star Benjamin Butterfield conducting part of Handel’s Messiah.

“There are some stunning musical memories in this year’s Yuletide Cheer,” says Peterborough Singers artistic director Syd Birrell. “As well, there are moments from our small-group ‘masked’ singing electives from the fall. I hope the concert will give people both a sense of the joy and excitement of the past, and be a reminder that the tradition will continue.”

If you are unable to join us for Yuletide Cheer on December 6, the video will be available following that date at the Peterborough Singers YouTube channel.