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Vision: – “Enriching our community through choral music”

Mission:The Peterborough Singers is a welcoming choir with a reputation of enriching and transforming lives through the learning, singing and sharing of choral music in our community.

Originally formed as the Peterborough Symphony Singers in 1990, the Peterborough Singers (PS) became a stand-alone entity in 1993.  This highly regarded auditioned, choir boasts upwards of 110 members under the direction of Sydney Birrell. The PS encourages young singers to join the choir to enhance their musical skills as well as to be part of a local community.

Each season, the choir presents four concerts, incorporating a blend of repertoire from gospel to sacred, pop to oratorio.  Highlights have included Bach’s B Minor Mass, St. Matthew Passion, Elijah, Belshazzar’s Feast, Canadian Legends and the annual Messiah.  The Singers hold weekly rehearsals and music classes enabling our musicians to gain the skills required for Choral music performance.

The staff consists of an Artistic Director, Business Manager, Rehearsal accompanist and Office assistant.

World-class, professional Canadian soloists enjoy performing with the choir time and again.  The PS also make a point of incorporating young emerging artists into their season giving them a chance to perform alongside some of the more seasoned performers.

Specially commissioned music from Canadian composers is part of the repertoire.

The PS appreciates the wonderful support given by the community both as members of our audience and as financial supporters.  We are proud to be a part of this wonderful cultural community.


The smooth running of the Peterborough singers depends on sound organization and effective administration.  The organizational and governance structure of the Singers is led by a Board of directors subject to By-laws, Terms of Reference for the Board and Committees, Role Descriptions for senior positions and Policies.

The Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for the management of the Peterborough Singers

The Board Chair leads the business activities of the organization and reports to the Board.

The Artistic Director has principal operating responsibility and provides the artistic leadership and direction for the choir.

The Business Manager provides management services in support of the Peterborough Singers.

Board Committees are ad hoc or standing committees composed only of Board members and report to the Board on matters of policy or on other items that have been properly delegated by the Board of Directors.

Operating/Advisory Committees are ad hoc or standing committees whose members may include non-Board and non-staff people and which focus principally on operational matters.  Operating/Advisory Committees may be involved in the implementation of particular programs or may be advisory in nature.

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