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Saturday, May 11, 2024 | 7 pm | Emmanuel United Church

Guest Soloists: Janelle Lucyk – soprano | Ian Sabourin – counter tenor | Michael Colvin – tenor | Alex Dobson – bass
Accompanied by: Ian Sadler on the organ, Christopher Bagan – harpsichord, Felix Deák – cello/continuo , Emily Richardson – flute, Chris Vishy – Oboe,  Jimin Dobson – Violin, and special guests – the Bach Children’s Chorus

On Good Friday, April 11, 1727, when Johann Sebastian Bach was just 45 years old, the soloists, choir, and instrumentalists of St. Thomas church in Leipzig presented the first performance of his monumental and profound masterpiece, St Matthew Passion.

The Passion is the dramatic story of the last days in the life of Jesus, according to the gospel of Matthew. Each character and even the crowds that gathered are included in the musical narrative: guest soloists take on the roles of Jesus, Pontius Pilate and his wife, the Roman Centurion who stood by the cross, two High Priests, Simon Peter, Judas Iscariot, two bystanders, and the voice of St Matthew, the Evangelist. The choir plays many roles too!

Beyond the Biblical text, the oratorio includes chorales, arias, contemplative solo songs and duets reflecting on what is occurring in the drama.  The Peterborough Singers present this glorious work in English, and welcome Ian Sadler, solo instrumentalists, and four outstanding Canadian soloists.

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