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Choral music history video series

The Peterborough Singers are pleased to present  an exciting new series on choral music history that both singers and non-singers alike can enjoy. Shannon McCracken will take us on a choral music journey through the ages. Each week for the next four weeks  a new episode will be available on the Peterborough Singers YouTube channel, starting with the Middle Ages and progressing through the Renaissance era, the Baroque era, and finally the Classical era. 

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Choral Music History Episode 1: Choral and Ensemble Music in the Middle Ages

In this first episode Shannon gives us a brief overview of the key musical elements, styles and genres of the Middle Ages.

I’m Genres and musical works covered in this video include:

  • Gregorian Chant:  Haec Dies (Composer: Anonymous)
  • Organum:  Haec Dies (Composer:  Anonymous)
  • Motet: O mitissima/Virgo/Haec dies (Composer: Anonymous)
  • Chanson: Ce fut en mai (Composer: Moniot d’Arras)


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