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Last summer, Artistic Director Syd Birrell set out to discover all he could about Celtic music and Peterborough’s local musical traditions. Why? He was preparing for the Peterborough Singers’ Celtic Celebration, a vibrant fete honouring our community’s artistic roots.

What he uncovered was the céilidh or céilí or cèilidh, depending upon whether you are using modern, Irish, or Scottish spelling. Regardless of how it’s spelled, the céilidh is a warm-hearted community celebration of traditional folk dance and song. Yes, the céilidh originated in Ireland and Scotland, but it has certainly found a home right here in Peterborough as a consequence of our history and ancestry.

Check out these two videos to discover how the Singers, Cairdeas & Clan Hannigan, and the Peterborough Dance Collective are preparing for this joyful celebration of Celtic music and dance. And click here for more information.

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