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Music and variety are the watchwords for the Peterborough Singers’ yearly fundraising Un-Concert, to be held this Sunday, October 20, at Murray Street Baptist Church (7:00 pm start).  And the program this year is as varied and entertaining as ever.

Part of the show will be a musical amuse-bouche, giving tastes of the choir’s upcoming season.  There will be a Joni Mitchell song, to whet your appetite for the Canadian Legends concert in February, and the Singers will perform a percussive and energetic number from the upcoming Yuletide Cheer concert.

Music to suit everyone’s taste will, of course, be on offer, from pop, opera, Broadway, country, and folk to spirituals and comedic songs. We will also be treated to the virtuosic organ playing of PS Artistic Director Syd Birrell—and to other instrumental performances as well.

And we mustn’t forget the humour, both spoken and musical. Some amusing video productions and a retelling of a slightly jumbled fairy tale are sure to entertain.

One thing will set this Un-Concert apart, though.  The Singers will welcome back the Peterborough Pop Ensemble to perform a set. The Pop Ensemble began in the spring of 2000 as a small group of Peterborough Singers, brought together to sing “pop” music at the choir’s Valentine concert. In 2009, the Peterborough Pop Ensemble became a separate entity, but connections between the two choirs run deep. The Pop Ensemble’s founding director, Barb Monahan, whose recent death has shaken and saddened all who knew her, was one such connection, as Barb was also a long-time Peterborough Singer.

The Un-Concert’s eclectic offerings are sure to please this year, as well as to touch the heart. So we hope you will join the Singers, past and present, and some special friends, as we come together to perform this year’s Un-Concert. The night promises to unveil unexpected talents and unleash undiluted entertainment!


When: Sunday, October 20, 7:00 pm

Where: Murray Street Baptist Church, Peterborough

Tickets $10 at the door.

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