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Two “Wicked” Soloists from the 2015 UnConcert

On Monday October 17, at 7 pm, the Peterborough Singers invite you to see them in a way you’ve never seen them before—dressed down, unplugged, and intimate. Rather than picking up the conductor’s baton, Syd will kick off the night with a surprise organ solo the likes of which hasn’t been heard since Iron Butterfly stopped touring. And so we present the UnConcert—a variety show that unleashes the comedic, videographic, and other unexpected talents of the choir. With musical stylings that include musical theatre, jazz, folk, and cabaret, as well as pieces for instrumental ensembles and the piano, the night will truly be unbelievable.


It has been a long, concertless summer for both the members of the Peterborough Singers and our loyal and lovely audience. If you have been walking around town, no doubt you will have happened upon our brochures advertising our new and exciting 2016–2017 concert season. We are so eager to begin this new season that, at the UnConcert, members of the choir will be not only preforming a song from our upcoming Canadian Women of Song concert (February 2017) but also looking as far ahead into our season as May and singing a piece from Mozart’s Requiem, as influential as it is timeless.


Tickets are $10 at the door. Or, as a chorister’s son puts it, less than seeing a Hollywood revamp in theatres! So at 7 pm on October 17 come down to Murray Street Baptist Church. We can’t wait to let our hair down and keep our black and white dress clothes at home while we whisk you away on a varied and eclectic journey through music and fun. Come for the Mozart preview and be surprised by a short film. Come for Syd’s solo and stay for an old folk favourite. Most important, come and experience creative performances in the heart of Peterborough.

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