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Encouraging words from PSO Conductor Michael Newnham spurred the choir to do its best in its first rehearsal with the Peterborough Symphony last night. In the article “Winter ends on a high note with Peterborough Symphony Orchestra concert,” Newnham spoke about the upcoming performance of the German Requiem by Brahms (Saturday, March 24), describing not only soloists Alexander Dobson and Leslie Fagan (“a dream team”) but also the work itself and his view of the Peterborough Singers’ contribution to the community.

“The Peterborough Singers are one of the defining elements of musical life in our city. Syd Birrell has built not only a very fine choir, but a huge family. Their joy of music making and sense of being in the moment is tangible whenever I see them. I am very grateful to Syd and the choir for the opportunity of joining with the PSO to perform the Brahms German Requiem, one of the greatest works for choir and orchestra ever written,” says PSO music director and conductor Michael Newnham.

The PS is looking forward to performing this very human but sweeping work, which Newnham says is all about “bringing comfort to all, helping us understand where we fit in the greater scheme of things.”

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