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Just consider the last concert of the series, the Verdi Requiem. It repeats the match-up of guest artists Leslie Fagan (soprano) and Laura Pudwell (mezzo-soprano), which so thrilled our audience in 2011. The duet “Recordare” will be stunning. Joining the Singers for the first time will be Jonathan Liebich (bass) and Ernesto Ramirez (tenor).

A performance that promises to present a new twist is Canadian Legends, featuring Aadin Church—star of last year’s Soul II concert—and Kate Suhr—guest artist at the Singers’ Canadian Women of Song concert in 2017. MC extraordinaire Megan Murphy is also back, as is the “band.” All will turn their remarkable talents loose on presenting the music of the legendary songwriters, poets, and singers Canada has offered up over the last fifty or so years.

A treat is in store this season for the audience of the ever-popular Messiah. Yes, Daniel Taylor is returning, which is a delight in itself, but he is bringing with him the best young artists from the University of Toronto’s program that focuses on “Historical Performance.” Each will prepare an aria or two. So here is an opportunity to catch in performance that emerging artist who one day could be world famous. (Many long-time audience members had this very experience when they heard the young Meesha Gosman sing the soprano role at a Singers’ Messiah in the 1990’s.)

And just to change up the Yuletide Cheer concert a bit, Syd Birrell and not Ian Sadler will be on organ. Who will be conducting? I guess you will have to attend to find out….

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