The Voice of Peterborough!

The Peterborough Singers invite you to celebrate another year of the best in choral music! Many wonderful concerts are in store.

Enjoy a festive beginning to the holiday season with Yuletide Cheer. The choir again welcomes the wonderful Venabrass Quintet and organist Syd Birrell, musical guests who make this special time of year joyous. We eagerly anticipate performing these seasonal favourites, new and old!

The choir's signature Handel's Messiah will feature renowned countertenor Daniel Taylor and twelve of his carefully chosen graduate scholars from University of Toronto's Historical Performance program. The concert would not be complete without the remarkable talent of organist Ian Sadler, who will be joined by Paul Otway (trumpet) and Stan Ewing (timpani).

In February 2020, the Singers will explore the works of some of the greatest performers to emerge from our country. Canadian Legends will explore how various works from selected bands, chanteuses and chanteurs, poets, and songwriters have defined who we are today as a collective people. This will truly be a fantastic opportunity to let loose, sing along (maybe play some air guitar), and be proud to be Canadian. The concert will feature Aadin Church (who made us dance in the aisles at last year's Soul II concert) and Kate Suhr (who thrilled audiences at Canadian Women of Song in 2017). And of course, to weave it all together as host we welcome none other than Peterborough's Megan Murphy.

Last but definitely not least is our Verdi's Requiem concert. Come and hear this tuneful, dramatic and rhythmically intense work from the very same composer who brought us such memorable operas as Aida, La Traviata, and, of course, Rigoletto. Giuseppe Verdi himself was the first to conduct performances of this piece, and even managed to include female singers - a gutsy move, as during the time, the Roman Catholic Church forbade such things. Verdi's Requiem is now known as one of the most-performed pieces of the choral repertoire, alongside the works of composers such as Mozart, Fauré, and Duruflé. What better way to wrap up such an exciting season than with this climactic work? Be prepared to be suddenly swept through emotions you hardly knew possible. Or don't - either way, this is not an experience you want to miss.

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If you have never experienced a Peterborough Singers' concert, what are you waiting for? There is something incredibly powerful about 100 voices singing in harmony together, and under the inspired leadership of Artistic Director/Founder Syd Birrell, the choir makes every performance a musical experience beyond compare.

We really hope you'll be able to join us this year - whether it's for the entire season or for one special performance - we know you won't be disappointed! Contact us now at 705.745.1820 or email

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