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Prepare to deck the halls! On Saturday, November 26 at 7 p.m. at Emmanuel United Church, the Peterborough Singers bring you an annual tradition: Yuletide Cheer. It’s a concert of music both secular and sacred and a way of celebrating the season that Artistic Director Syd Birrell has rightfully called “the best holiday pick-me-up anywhere around.”

Marking the season of Yule through a twelve-day festival centred around the winter solstice is an ancient tradition, bringing with it wreaths, burning yule logs and feasts. It’s also a longstanding tradition of the Peterborough Singers, who mark the season with the sounds of choral music, organ and brass, featuring guest artists Venabrass.

Get your tickets through the Peterborough Singers’ website or at the following local businesses: Pammett’s Flower Shop, Grainger’s Cleaners, Ashburnham Foot & Ankle Centre and Happenstance Books & Yarns (Lakefield).

Speaking of traditions, the Peterborough Singers are proud to celebrate our thirtieth anniversary this season, and share some of that history thanks to Karen Taylor, one of the choir’s founding members: Thirty Years of Choral Excellence.

Please note that at this time masks are required in order to attend Peterborough Singers’ performances.

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