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The Estonian National Male Choir presented a stunning program to the appreciative audience that packed All Saints Anglican Church on May 24. The choir’s precision and blend were highlighted in three Gabrieli pieces, one of them performed in the round. All voices and parts were in perfect balance yet distinct, creating a wall of sound in which we could distinguish each brick. A remarkable feat!

Two more modern compositions, Molitva [The Prayer], by Galina Grigoryeva, and Signum magnum [A great sign], by Giovanni Bonato, featured Aare Tammesalu on violoncello. These are beautiful, contemplative, yet powerful works that secure the place of twenty-first-century choral composers well into the future. (Both composers, one female and one male, were born in the 1960s.)

R.A.M. Koor was joined by the tenors and basses of the Peterborough Singers for three selections, the national anthems of Canada and Estonia and the mournful composition Frozen in Frobisher Bay, written by James Gordon and arranged by Diane Loomer for a TTBB choir. The anthems were stirring and the Gordon piece was sensitively and touchingly rendered. Beauty, eh?

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