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Although Artistic Director Syd Birrell has conducted Handel’s Messiah in performance over 40 times, he considers himself a relative “novice.” After all, one chorister in the Peterborough Singers has performed the oratorio over 200 times.

“I find this piece of music so fresh and wonderful every time we sing it: something new reveals itself to me. The words have a way of accommodating wherever it is you are in life’s journey at that time,” Birrell continues.

Long-time Singer Susan Dunkley, who has performed the Messiah 56 times, agrees. “It’s always magical, always different. Each piece has a different nuance,  a different passion . . . that allows me to enjoy it on a whole new level every time.”

Watch the Singers rehearse this classic and hear why Handel’s Messiah is so important to the community spirit of the choir.

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