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A few weeks ago, the Peterborough Singers took some time away from a regular Wednesday night rehearsal to record two of the songs you will hear at Yuletide Cheer on November 29th.

Len Ballantine

Composer Len Ballantine

The first song, “One Cold Night,” is a catchy tune composed by Len Ballantine, whose music will be featured at the concert. For more on Ballantine’s contributions to the choral repertoire, see the article “Len Ballantine’s ‘Night of’ trilogy shows composer’s versatility.”

Here is a video of “One Cold Night.”

Ted Vanya

Composer Ted Vanya

The second video is of “Oh Wonderful Child,” by Ted Vanya. It records the first time the composer heard his beautiful song performed. For more on Ted Vanya and his “little jewel” of a composition, see the article “Local man’s composition to debut at Yuletide Cheer.”

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