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At 7 PM on Monday, October 20 at Murray Street Baptist Church, members of the Peterborough Singers will showcase their talents in a fundraising event like no other. The Peterborough Singers Un-Concert: Unplugged, Uncut, Unveiled will unleash the creativity of this very original group, offering everything from jazz, folk, cabaret, comedy, musical theatre, soul, to roof-raising classical music.

We invite long-time Singers’ fans and those yet to discover the choir to come out and taste the variety of talent within the Singers’ community. At the same time, you will be supporting our efforts to bring the best big-name and emerging professional musicians to star in our upcoming concerts.

Need another reason to come? Haven’t you always wondered about the hidden talents of, say, your local dermatologist, the realtor who sold the neighbours’ place, that retired physics professor down the street, or the fellow who teaches driving to your teen? You’ll be surprised what these gifted folk get up to after hours! Here’s a taste in photos. (Need yet another reason? It’s only $10 at the door!)


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