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Why go to a concert that has had the same name for a good number of years? The quick answer is that Carols with Brass always delivers something new and exciting, as well as the traditional and comfortably cozy songs of the festive season.

This year the choir presents some songs for Hanukkah, one arranged by our very own Syd Birrell and dedicated to a long-time patron of the Singers, Didi Pollack. And a completely new composition, commissioned from Marcus Venables, will also be on offer. Marcus is a member of one of our guest performers—Venabrass.

Add to this beautiful jazzy versions of Christmas classics such as “Carol of the Bells” and “Winter Wonderland,” as well as, of course, a piece from Bach’s Christmas Oratorio (Syd is our director, after all!) and you have a mix of old and new that’s hard to beat.

Hear what some of the Singers think about the concert.

Listen to Venabrass perform the Three Kings Swing at the Carols with Brass concert in 2011. (Sound quality is okay, but please ignore the picture quality.)

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