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In case you need a reason to come to our first concert of the season (Nov. 25), here are five!

1. To be uplifted: Conductor Syd Birrell has called Yuletide Cheer “a joyful extravaganza of favorite carols, with brass, organ, choir, and audience making music together.”

2. The fabulous Venabrass: This brass ensemble is amazing — ensemble virtuosity at its finest.

3. To share music with one and all: Our family-friendly concert is enjoyed by all ages.

4. To hear the mighty organ: Syd Birrell not only conducts, he also takes to the pipe organ to fill the church with glorious sound.

5. The choir:  One hundred and ten talented choristers — some who’ve been with the choir for thirty years, some who’ve just joined — all of whom look forward to sharing choral music with you.

When: Saturday, November 25 at 7 p.m.
Where: Emmanuel United Church, 534 George St. North, Peterborough
Tickets: $35 (adult) $10 (Student)

Tickets available at:
Pammett’s Flower Shop
Ashburnham Foot & Ankle Centre
Happenstance Books & Yarns (Lakefield)
Shop online (with no added fees) at

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